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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us" ~ O.W.Holmes

Contrary to popular belief, Yoga can be practiced by any person. Though Yoga hails from India, it is Universal. Anyone, any age, size, religion or nationality can reap the fruits from its reachable limbs and be nourished.

The benefits of Yoga are more easily understood and ingested if taken in its original prescription. For Yoga to be most effective it must be administered under the direction and guidance of an admirable and properly trained teacher. This will greatly enhance the devotion and inspiration of any budding practice. Yoga is traditionally a spiritual practice, rending the mind and the body as tools through which the Great Spirit is expressed, much like fragrance is expressed through a flower.

Mostly, Yoga is recognized by its unique pretzel like exercises, and this discourages most people because it seems too difficult and weird. As with anything there are different levels of ability. Everyone is encouraged to work at their own level in a non- competitive environment. Yoga's goal is not to become a pretzel. Its main goal in its authentic tradition is to seek Union with the Divine, mentally, spiritually and physically.

In recent years, as in years gone by, Yoga has grown in its popularity. It has become famous and attractive because Hollywood personalities have found solace in its complete offerings. Through those spectacles Yoga seems to be the happening thing to do these days. That is, if you are in line with the sophisticated lifestyle. In actuality, Yoga's aim is quite the opposite. It helps to shed the gravity of all conditionings and leads to roads of great simplicity, relaxation and peace.Yoga Transforms… If you haven’t already, won’t you join us?
Yoga is good for your life.

Love, Light & Peace

Yours in Yoga,

Guru Kripa
President & Yoga Teacher
Alliance of Hibiscus Heights, Inc.

Telephone: 305-450-4078


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